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custom application development if we build it...

One of the greatest advances on the web in the last few years has been on the software front. Web pages can now perform complex tasks and often function just like desktop applications.

Often, projects that seem difficult in the physical world are perfectly suited for online deployment. Take a survey for example. Using traditional print, a survey must be created, printed, shipped, filled out by a participant by hand (bringing legibility and effort into the mix), mailed back and entered into a system for analysis. Using a custom web application, at even less cost, the survey is created and hosted on a server, where participants can fill out the info and automatically submit it to the system, ready for analysis with no physical work to be done. In addition, the system can check for errors, check validity of fields, save and deliver results and more.

what other uses are there?

Well, here are a couple of examples...

  • a restaurant site that generates a custom, printable menu based on the owner's selections for that day
  • a retail store's inventory database that generates it's own signage and price lists
  • a custom-built catalog, generated on the fly, based on user input or predefined options
  • a "backroom" for your site that allows you to control your site content, access and data without knowing a thing about creating a website and with no extra software.

we're not sure if this is the right option for us...

Of course you're not. That's where we come in. Call us. Let's discuss what it is you're trying to do and what the best options are. Many times we have recommended significantly less expensive alternatives to what a client first plans. DVDs, CD-ROMs, web sites, print media... we do it all and have seen projects that make the best of each of theses technologies.